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Course Forge Perfect Golf Bunkers


Perfect Parallel


Advanced Bunker created in CourseForge

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    If anyone can push Unity/CF to its limits, you can, lol.


    Like the ideas being tested on that bunker. Looks like this Unity/CF mullarkey has some potential, lol.

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    Chris Perry
    May 24 2013 04:27 AM

    Shadowlands eh?  ;o)


    I was going to ask if you can use the Unity texture brushes inside the C/F mesh shapes to blend textures inside the meshes, or, I guess you can make a bunker mesh shape inside a bunker mesh shape to blend the darker/wetter texture in the middle to the dryer/lighter texture on the edges?


    A lot of cool stuff could be experimented with the former if you can apply textures randomly inside mesh shapes.


    As well, the drop of the lip looks fairly sharp and pronounced. Nice.


    Now your next challenge is to drop a greenside edge vertically into water and create a wood bulkhead against it, a la Sawgrass. ;o)

    PP is not the panacea.

    To do it okay is easy.... awesome takes time, talent and attention to detail.

    Nice work MJ....


    Sorry, that should have been "awesome work MJ!"

    Is there a means to "extrude" in CF?  Bunkers are common extrusion in APCD, but is also very common in building 3D from terrain.  From looking at Unity a bit, it seems that we can created 3D objects, much like they are made in 3DsMax.  Things like hole signs, ball washers, trash bins, custom tee markers, etc.  Will this be possible within Unity or need to be imported as it was with APCD.  Sorry for the somewhat off topic question.