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New lake Bulkhead Development

New lake Bulkhead Development

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    I used to think some of the wooden bulkheads in Links looked neat, but that looks the dogs. also the water is a vast improvement over the mill pond glass reflective Links variety.


    Is that from the Crystal Pines import you did or just another fictional rendition to test the bulkhead properties?

    was only thinking today about how this feature would be implemented, looks superb.

    Gorgeous. The water looks great, too... but won't probably be included as well.

    You guys do realize that dangling these goodies in front of our noses yet withholding the Forge is being unnecessarily sadistic?

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    Looks like the par 3 from shadowlands. Awesome!!!!

    Hopefully we will be enlarging the testing beta testing team so more people can start playing around with CF

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    I approve on all levels - as a civil engineer. golf course designer, golf tragic, pc golf player... it's coming along nicely boys!!

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    Yeah not bad  :P


    Looks fantastic. Very real.

    Looks real, that's a great job Mike but are we gonna see the motion waves when we play?