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  • Course Forge Rapid Real-Time 3D Golf Course Content Creation Tools

    3D Golf course design tools reduce time to digitize golf courses

    Course Forge is the premiere content creation tool that allows for the rapid development of outdoor 3D environments. Built as a fully integrated plugin for modern game engines and visualization platforms, it incorporates an advanced mesh system that allows for rapid drawing of all the different parts of the golf course: fairways, rough, greens. With custom-built shaders and enhancements focused on the outdoor world, Course Forge can significantly reduce the time it takes to build a golf course.

    As the core editing application in the engine, the capabilities of Course Forge are extended to allow course files to be read by all the Perfect Parallel applications beyond games to include broadcast, multimedia and print.

    Course Forge's capabilities extend beyond Unity 3D. As the core application in our software suite, Course Forge files can be read by all the Perfect Parallel applications extending their use to Multimedia, Simulation, Web and Game Play.

    Using Course Forge designers can efficiently build 3D golf course content using various input devices to support the workflow that suits best. These tools leverage a fully-functioning engine that is lightweight and can be deployed on a multitude of platforms.

    Your initial journey begins with high resolution imagery of the properly geo-referenced terrain. Course Forge allows the designer to virtually dig the course right out of the real terrain or copy over the exact course terrain and shading. Once the core course is built, simply place props and other assets as needed.

    And that's just the beginning. We encourage the community to develop asset bundles and download our asset bundles for use in Course Forge.

    A video showing the creation of a hole in just 15 minutes from a blank flat terrain is available in our video section and demonstrates how the tools simplify the process of building golf courses.

    Course Forge - A Real-Time 3D golf course content authoring tool for generatimng digital courses that can be played, viewed, printed, and fully visualized on live broadcast television.