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There used to be a time for boundaries. Playing on a course is real and playing on a screen isn’t. We don't like boundaries. Golf isn't just something you should play. You should also create it and control it and share it. It should be connected. Some might call it real. Others might not. Our job is to make sure you can’t tell the difference.

It begins by making you a part of it. Sign up for a free membership. You’ll have access to our forums, downloads and all the content our community is creating. This is what they mean by open source. This is what we mean when we invite you to play the world open.

Latest News

Perfect Parallel to Democratize Golf Games Ever...
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  • Richard Nalezynski |   Mar 19 2014 08:10 AM   
  • PerfectGolf has been Greenlit by the Steam community
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Use Perfect Parallel Tools to Build the Most Re...
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  • Richard Nalezynski |   Apr 11 2014 02:26 AM   
  • Use world-class tools from Perfect Parallel to build quality content.
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Physics Test Alpha Build Released
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  • Andrew |   Jul 20 2013 03:42 PM   
  • Perfect Parallel is pleased to provide an open Alpha of our physics engine in operation on our purposely built practice range.
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