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Just a few short years ago only a select group of golf clubs even had a club website but now almost every club has one as they have proven to be invaluable resource, helping to attract new members and visiting parties.

The main attraction of any golf club is the golf course but unfortunately most of the time a smattering of course photos is all the information most club websites provide, hardly ideal in this competitive market when you are trying to attract new custom to your club. Now using our groundbreaking technology, it’s possible for the first time for golf clubs to have their very own affordable ‘virtual course tour’. Using high definition digital data and GPS systems, we can digitally recreate your golf course and then take your members and guests on a detailed tour of each hole.

Until now the only time you may have seen these hole flythroughs might have been on a TV broadcast but now with Perfect Parallel, this exciting new technology is available to all golf clubs at a fraction of the cost.

The flyby movies can be transferred onto DVD to be send out to prospective members or visitors as part of an information pack or even viewed on an iphone or other smart phone.

Check out some of our example videos above and you will see that we use the perfect blend of cutting edge games graphics technology and art to showcase our golf courses to their absolute best.