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Perfect Parallel has announced the release of “Perfect Golf", a Golf Simulation Game for PC MAC and Linux on Steam

Perfect Parallel today announced that it has released Perfect Golf into Early Access on Steam’s Digitial Distribution Platform.

Perfect Golf is a new kind of golf simulation that is based on a goal to integrate the real world of golf and the gaming side of golf in a way that has never been done before. Featuring fully geo referenced golf courses that exist within a real space in the world, Perfect Golf is able to integrate real world data into its virtual worlds.

Perfect Golf features a full real time multiplayer game mode with an integrated lobby inside the game, support for NAT Punchthrough technology, integrated chat and player status in the chat window. With support for up to 8 players and 4 teams simultaneously it also features a single play, local multiplayer and practice modes with Skins, Match and Stroke gameplay types.

Perfect Golf also features an emergent physics engine which calculates the effects on the ball in real time. A key component of this is our “live”wind engine with built in elevation coefficient and gust factor which ensures that the wind is varying throughout the 3D environment.

There are 7 different replay cameras and 3 main cameras including a dynamic camera with reverse and landing snap cameras and two different player assists to make the game easier for beginners.

Most importantly Perfect Golf immerses the user in the most photorealistic golf sim available for PC MAC and Linux since golf games migrated from 2D imagery to 3D environments. A real time weather system tied into the courses geo referenced location and user selected city based weather provides a realistic time of day and lighting environment.

The Early Access version ships with 5 courses and more will be released during Early Access. Each course is built using our own Course Forge tools which have been adopted by Nicklaus Design as their digital design tool for in house course development ( We anticipate releasing Course Forge for non commercial use just prior to or along with the full retail release of Perfect Golf.

During Early Access we will be working with the community of adopters to prioritize the new features to be added into the game. Please come and join us and help make Perfect Golf become the best golf game for PC, MAC and Linux

Buy the game on Steam:

Perfect Parallel is a small independent game development and production company established in 2011. It focuses on developing sports games and solutions out of real world geo located data. Perfect Parallel has provided Broadcast Television services during golf tournaments to the PGA Tour, Sky Sports and ESPN. Perfect Golf is its first gaming title.