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Erik Lugris
  • CEO
  •                      Erik Lugris is our head honcho, our Mr. Motivator and our go to guy. Always busy, always productive and driven like no other.
Andrew Jones
  • President and COO
  •                      Andrew is our closer, deal maker, strategist and marketing dynamo. Like a wind up toy car, the team gets set off going one way, As it veers off Andrew is the guy picking it up and replacing it back in the right direction.
Mike Jones
  • Creative Director
  •                      Mike is our go to guy for all things sports and design. When he’s not polishing his clubs you will find him knee deep digging digital bunkers and designing evolving games for the community.
Chris Morris
  • Director Application Development
  •                      What can be said about Chris Morris to do him justice? Chris is a genius , a guru, a nutcase and a perfectionist. Thus he fits in perfectly. A passionate games creator . Chris brings cutting edge tools, physics and a technical eye to help us all out.
John Pelorossi
  • Graphic Artist
  •                      John is our Photoshop Guru Extraordinaire, who when he is not layering and making things transparent can be found printing and publishing web and physical media content
Ivan Kharitonovich
  • Lead Programmer
  •                      Ivan is our king of shaders, master of the keys and playwright of much of the music that is course forge. When Unity wont do it Ivan finds a way to make Unity jump.
Joe Harford
  • Art Director
  •                      Joe is the artist, the sculptor and painter. He’s normally found asleep with a tablet pen in his hand sculpting hyper real characters. If he’s not there he will probably be soaking in ‘reference’ at the local golf course. A perfectionist to the co...
Richard Nalezynski
  • Producer
  •                      Rich is the funnel of activity for the team - coordinating and providing a positive energy that helps us meet our aggressive goals while feeling good along the way.