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Perfect Parallel to Democratize Golf Games Everywhere

PerfectGolf has been Greenlit by the Steam community
Buffalo, NY (April, 2014) Perfect Parallel is pleased to announce that PerfectGolf is coming closer to mass distribution for PC, Mac and Linux and simulators with the approval for Greenlight on Steam.

Powered by Unity and built with additional tools for importing terrain and course building with CourseForge, Perfect Golf features properly geo-referenced golf courses from around the world.

Erik Lugris, Founder and CEO of Perfect Parallel, emphasizes "It's amazing what one company like Unity can do to for this generation of game developers. We will continue to take the lead set by David Helgason and Unity in helping to democratize the simulation generation - getting rid of the of old practices and expensive distribution models by empowering the golf enthusiast to have the ability to choose which software they wish to run on their purchased devices, allowing the device manufacturers to stand on their own merit and brand, while players will have the freedom to enjoy golf experiences any way they should."

We're excited to be at this point and are extremely grateful for the community support to cross the finish line. You won't be disappointed.
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I think the long birthing process will be time well spent.

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We strongly believe that as well. We want to make sure that we are releasing an extremely high quality product to our community. By taking the time to reach our quality standards we believe that our products will be the best available. We want to thank you for your patience and we assure you that we are working hard to get our products to you as soon as we can. Stay tuned...

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looking forward to that.. we hope this will be very soon..

Apr 25 2014 01:52 PM

Awesome news!

Apr 27 2014 08:48 PM

Only problem with steam and other such online portals is that computer resources are taken up to interact with the game and it slows down the game no matter how much the online portals try to convice us otherwise also regarding course creation this will undoubtedly have to be done along with everything else more than likely while connected to the internet so this will suck up resources while creating a course and will limit the consumer as to when they can create a course for example though they may have the time such as while waiting for a doctors appt. they may not be able to use the laptop in the office cause they are not connected to the internet etc.  My Problem is I always lean more towards ease of use to the consumer rather than concerns for piracy or whatever the reason is for always having to be connected to the internet. I am using Steams The Golf Club program now and it sux I always have to be connected to the internet to do anything with it.

I am as excited as everyone else about Perfect Golf. Since I have Links2003 and all its courses, I can wait patiently for PP to complete its game. I just hope it doesn't follow the same development path as the Duke Nukem franchise! I also agree with JH Buchanan about depending on Steam alone as the only provider of the game. I would like to see downloads available from PP for course designing, add-on courses, patches/upgrades, etc. I only found out about this game while searching this week on the internet for the latest PC golf games. I was disappointed to learn PP failed on Kickstarter. Maybe they should try again? If PP is as small as it appears to be, development should be limited to the PC platform with basic game play implemented. Earn kudos for this and then explode with multi-platform play, additional bells and whistles, and licensing deals for PGA courses. Start small, think BIG.

I play Links 2003 as well and in window-mode* rather than full screen. If nothing ever arrives on the market with RTS or a Circular Meter then Links 2003 will keep me satisfied long into the future...


*I hope Perfect Golf will also have windowed-mode option.

Splendid news...