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Tropical Environment test

I started this hole to test our latest version of our course designer program (it's continually updated with new features and bug fixes every few days)

What can I say...I got carried away :)
I started this hole to test our latest version of our course designer program (it's continually updated with new features and bug fixes every few days)

What can I say...I got carried away :)

All the atmospheric effects such as the mist and sunlight scattering are from inside the game engine and not added afterwards in a video program, what you see is what you get. Hope you like it!


It's looking very nice indeed.! Great to see a wider variety of plants than just the ones on the first video. I'm interested to know the difference in timescale in creating a hole on APCD, and one using this new program. The time needed to create courses on APCD is one of the most inhibiting factors for people. Quicker designed quality courses would attract a lot more designers to take up the challenge.
One feature I would really like to see in the designer is a function you could turn on that would adjust the surrounding verts whenever you move a vert, much like the terrain painter in APCD but in real time, to create smooth transitions. I waste countless time on APCD, adjusting individual verts to create a natural look, when the designer could be doing this automatically as I work. If you could move individual verts, or groups of verts, and watch the mesh adjust to this by creating natural slopes, shaping the terrain would be so much easier!!
Hi, our systems are completely different to Links's APCD. Most people who tried to use that course design program either gave up or spend countless hours stuck in the 'quagmire' of verts, edges, mappings and other CAD based technicalities, endlessly repeating mundane tasks in order to create a decent course. We've developed a system where people spend less time doing that and more time on being creative and most importantly having fun with their designs. Once we're ready to release more information about the tools we're using to create courses, we'll be posting video tutorials on how to get the best from them. Creating beautiful environments for golf is my passion, we want to help people share that so we can all enjoy a better game.
Jason Girard
Aug 12 2012 07:56 PM
Fantastic work Mike!!! I'm definitely excited about what the future holds for all of us! Keep up the terrific work bud!
I almost get a feeling of Crysis watching this and the other videos... And that aint a bad feeling. :)
Wowzer! How sweet does that tropical location look. From what I can see from the clip, the trees and vegetation all look 3D. Am I right in assuming so, as this will add so much depth and immersion to courses when they are made IMO.
Looking really good. Are you all saying what engine this is built on? If it's Unity, its certainly one of the best implementations I've seen.
Looking very nice Mike! Quick question. You mentioned in the Bunker Tutorial that there is a basic and advanced setting in the course designer. Can these be interchanged over the course of a design? For instance, could one make the basic lipped bunkers in the basic mode and then switch to advanced and tweak from there? Thanks! --K
To answer a couple of questions - For a team like us, Unity is the perfect solution and helps shortcut our development time. It's a pretty good engine and we're pushing it a lot further than people have done before. Tiger Woods online uses the Unity engine.....spot the difference? :) BTW The option for advanced features can be toggled on and off for various features.
Ah good to know about Unity. And in case you all weren't aware, the Oculus head mounted display has been making waves recently and is supposed to be supported by the unity engine in the future. So may be worth checking out...Oculusvr.com or lookup its kickstarter.
Couple of questions/ideas. This is looking great so far. 1. Will you be able to import custom objects? Say, 3d objects like the ones used with google earth. That's a pretty big 3d library that would be nice to draw from. 2. Will you be able to import elevation data for a real course, or anywhere else for that matter? This would save designers alot of time and would make for some very realistic courses. Thanks for your time. I'm promoting your efforts with a web-post that I'm updating over at The Den.
Looking fantastic Mike- hopefully it will inspire me to take up the designing bug again and attempt some links courses. I assume that the pc specs needed to run this are quite top end?
You mentioned TW uses Unity. So, is this new game a portal-type game or can we put the whole game on our PC? Drrrrroooollling over what I am seeing...!
Awesome stuff Mike! Glad to see a new era is on the horizon!
Ohh yeahh, great to hear about a new nice Golf Game. Will it be on PC or only online?? I hope it comes standalone for PC too. At wich time it is planed to release or is there any beta to test? Will it be playable online against only one friend like TW2008 over Hamachi? Greetings from Germany and thanks for your great work Wilfried
May 08 2013 06:46 PM

Was wondering how the software will control the motion paths,speed, turbulance, flow and look of water such as waterfalls, rocky streams, shorelines


Dec 19 2014 07:13 PM

no videos any where

Dec 19 2014 07:15 PM

You don't have permission to access /videos/ on this server. that means i can't view anything..... great