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Some virtual camera fun

Every golf game needs a virtual camera but we're not talking Nikon or Olympus here! Our 'virtual eye' cams will allow you to view your round from almost unlimited viewpoints. After all, what's the point of having a complete 3D virtual world if you don't use it to it's full extent.
Every golf game needs a virtual camera but we're not talking Nikon or Olympus here! Our 'virtual eye' cams will allow you to view your round from almost unlimited viewpoints. After all, what's the point of having a complete 3D virtual world if you don't use it to it's full extent.

Here' a small video showing a sneak peak showing some custom tracking cams. First up we have the ball tracking cam where you can see the shot from the viewpoint of perhaps a playing partner as he waits to hit his own tee shot. Next up we have what you might call 'spectator view' where you (and our resident Heron!) watch the ball take off and land from away off to the side taking in some nice scenery along the way. Finally we have a 'ball cam' view as we soar high in the air with the ball before swooping down to it's final resting point.

These are only a few early options based on some of the requests and feedback we've received already. All the cams here show the ball 'comet' trail' for better visibility in the video but as with most things you can turn it on and off as you like.

Remember if you want to see something in our game - all you have to do it ask!


Joe Habiger
Nov 05 2012 06:28 PM
Very nice and from what I seen so far the ball physics are looking pretty good.
Great that it all comes together slowly
Wow! Simply, wow!
Holy Shamoly! Looking very good indeed. Would this 3D World camera allow players to virtually walk up to the green and have a look around prior to playing an approach, or would the game look to limit this feature to say within XX yds of the green (as IRL players very rarely walk the length of the hole to have a look around and then walk back to the tee to take their shot, lol). After seeing this clip and the buildings blog by Joe, I've actually quite liked Monday's today, lol.
Just curious. Who would be using that second (spectators) view. Can't even see the golfer at all. Certainly not the player who was shooting the ball. Or would it be used like the Links Dynamic Camera? Jerry
Absolutely stunning!!! Just keep these blog posts coming. I am drooling
Joe Habiger
Nov 06 2012 05:16 AM
Daz, In CustomPlay Golf 1 you could actually walk to your ball and then click on it to bring up your swing meter or first person perspective camera for mouse swing. Why they did away with this for CPG2 I have no idea because it was great fun. Obviously it can't be used for multiplayer and only single player stroke play but it was pretty interesting. (First person perspective camera can be and was used for multiplayer though). Which bring me up to my point of posting again, is it possible for you to add a first person perspective camera? You would be looking down at your ball and to aim you would look up using the up arrow key and then aim where you want your ball to start out with the right and left arrow keys. The mouse swing was in real time to so you could see that as well back and through but when the golfer hit the ball his head would look up and follow the ball (static but dynamic if you get my drift). It's a totally awesome way to play golf and feels SO REALISTIC!! I'm sure you probably could have a snap to lie camera attached to the swing so after say like 3-5 seconds or a certain point say like half way the ball traveled it would switch to another camera view.
Joe, that idea is one of the best ones I've heard in quite a while and if it's possible to do it would be the only one I'd use. As you say that would be as realistic as it can be. *thumbsup*
Looks great so far. I have 1 question: How does the swing meter look like? Will it be like the Links swing meter? Or will it be different? I watched some of the videos, but I think I never saw the swing meter...:) I liked the following cam in Links, but your ideas sound great to me. Gives a more realistic feeling to the game.
We just have placeholder graphics in there for the swing meter for the time being. As the list of supported devices grows we'll be creating new interfaces and graphic designs for them as they're added. Kickstarter participants will be getting access to development builds so they'll have a chance to see for themselves and to be a part of it's creation.
I'd like to see that in there too Joe. Imagine waiting for your turn to play but instead of simply watching your opponent's putt from his view, you could be lining your putt up and simply look to the side to see his putt as it's on it's way just like you could in real life.
These are just a few examples Jerry, I can actually walk around in first person mode and watch the swing and ball flight from any place I want to. Hopefully in time we'll have a system in which will enable you to define your own camera views for both playing and spectating.
ok, so that's a great idea either. I know lots of people which want to play golf with a gamepad. Most games don't support gamepads. Me myself play the classic 2 or 3-click with my mouse as this is the way I'm used to since very old Links days. Time will tell :D
Joe Habiger
Nov 15 2012 03:59 PM
Mike what is nice now is almost everyone has broadband of some sorts, the amount of data that use to pass through older games is so much different then what could be done today. You talked about watching through a virtual perspective while your opponent is putting but the same could be said for when he is up on the tee. I am not sure how this could work in the fairways but there is a possibility you could still be using a virtual head camera from your spot in the fairway watching your opponents shot but obviously you might not get a great view of there shot but it would be very realistic. Mike I am not sure you tried out the original CustomPlay Golf (I think you did) but that first person perspective cam was the most awesome and realistic view I have ever seen in a golf game. I was so ticked off when they didn't put it in CPG2. While I think I may still play and design some things in the new game engine of there's I am really glad you guys are working on something nice. It will be fun to see what another golf game can bring.
Bruce McNinch
Nov 18 2012 11:32 AM
Hey guys, its looking awesome! For us who have been playing with the Unity software in preparation for this, should we stick to version 3 or upgrade to version 4?
If I were you I'd download the free version of Unity 4 and use that. We'll all be upgrading soon from 3.5 as v4 has several new features that will help us enhance further what we have already.
The discussion here in this blog is intriguing and it seems a good place to make some suggestions about gameplay. It would be my hope that the resulting golf sim would have a very wide appeal and bring in some new folks who just were not interested before. I think immersive realism is a key. Minimization of artificial cues helps to create that feeling. Some examples: a caddy that "walks with you" and verbally tells you how far to the pin, front of green, what kind of lie, etc. or a swing meter that is the same for all swing input types and very subtle - maybe a large transparent sweeping arc indicator as you swing while looking down at the ball. How about a caddy book that is automatically generated from the course file which has basic hole layout dimensions and a map of the green slopes something like what you or your caddy would have in his pocket.
Here is something I would like to see during 4 ball multiplayer. I can wander around while my mate is putting and jump up and down directly in line with his putt to win the hole... No seriously I think it will be great to have a multiplayer that is truly independent of scripted turns so that while others are playing I am looking for my ball or tossing grass in the air to test the wind or lining up my putt or scratching my ear. Whatever it beats having to look at everyone else in turn while I have no control until its my turn.
How cool would that be, lol. Bringing etiquette in to a virtual golf game/sim. That would indeed be something. Just make sure you never play a virtual round with Colin Montgomerie, lol.
I like that one Andrew! Approved, let's get that in the backlog :)
Wow, I just stumbled on this site today. Ive disapeared from course design. But I have been playing computor golf at WGT.com. While playing on very accurate HD photos with satelite data to get the measurements down so well has been exciting, but I have that old itch to go back to desaigning my own courses again. Unfortunatly the APCD was just to cumbersome. Sierra Golf has closed down and I never cared for the designer in the old Golden Bear challenge. Mike I love what your doing here. Its Awesome!!! Joe you old dog, nice to see you again too. Its been along time. Mike, if you need beta testers Im all over it!
May 05 2013 10:27 PM

I don't know if this is the right place to post this but yesterday I was in Tiger Woods forum and left a link to Perfect Parallel to spread the word. I see they removed my post. There are going to be so many people lost come June 6th when they end service to there PC players. I just want to let you know that you guy's are on to something big. I play Tiger Woods every morning with a few friends and we are going to miss that. I hope you have a 3-click swing meter. That would be important to me. And if you need a beta tester count me in. I will be posting everyday in tiger Woods forum to let people know about this. I CAN"T WAIT!!!

when do u think this  will be ready to play on cant wait what is the cost fo a membership  sooner it starts the better lol   ty ty

Dec 19 2014 07:08 PM

so where's the video