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Perfect Parallel Signs Agreement with Sky Sports

Perfect Parallel fuels innovation for Masters television broadcast
AUGUSTA, G.A.- For Immediate Release - The fierce competition to attract viewers places major television networks at the cutting edge of broadcast innovation. British broadcaster Sky Sports who will show more than 5,000 hours of golf programming this year amongst the 40,000 hours of sports programming it shows across its six dedicated channels, is looking at Buffalo-based Perfect Parallel to do just that.

Perfect Parallel has pioneered the use of accurately-georeferenced terrain data along with high-resolution images of golf courses to create broadcast quality images and video feeds.
Last week, Sky Sports entered in a multi-year licensing and service contract with Perfect Parallel. Sky Sports will have unlimited access to Perfect Parallel’s content for its live broadcasts of PGA and European Tour events in both Europe and the United States. The agreement began at the most prestigious golf tournament in the world, The Masters.

“Our content allowed Sky Sports to feature the most innovative, comprehensive broadcast out there,” said Buffalo resident and Perfect Parallel founder, Erik Lugris. “And exposure on this level is very difficult to come by.”

Lugris also explained how the partnership with Sky Sports at Augusta has spiked the interest for other opportunities. The three-dimensional content can also be developed for video games, simulators and golf course architects.

“Things are looking bright for us right now.”

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Couldn't be happier! Really, that's great and best of luck with it. Lovely 3D graphics on a Pay TV channel I will never receive...hmmm!

Um... I'm just here for the game, though. Don't care about the rest. PerfectGolf, CourseForge... any news there?

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Will sky sports eventually use perfect golf to replace whatever they are currently using in the shot centre which they use to fill time between the adverts in the American feeds that they get?
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Erik Lugris
May 02 2013 01:17 PM

I like your number Kablammo.  We likes 11's around here :)

In regards to Mr. McNinch's post, "No comment at this time." Wink, Wink.  Honestly, we cannot discuss our strategies that we may, or may not have with our licensees- but thanks for asking Bruce.

Will this mean we will see more and more of Perfect Golf courses on Sky Sports coverage through the coming seasons on both European and PGA Tours?

Will Sky Sports be using a new rendition of Sawgrass for their upcoming Players Championship coverage?

Glad to see your contract with Sky Sports is a 'multi year'; venture.

Kudos to you all.

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Is there any chance of Perfect Golf itself becoming a co-production with Sky Sports in the future? - eg. Perfect Parallel's 'Sky Sports Golf'

Joining forces with Sky for the game would surely have massive marketing benefits, as well as providing many more official licensing opportunities, that would  be difficult to obtain by a small company. Of course, it would also bring a lot less freedom too, and wouldn't then be the 'community' based game that it was conceived to be.

Sounds like you guys have got a few courses to knock out then!
....and hope they find their way onto Perfect Golf too....be great to re-create the 'tour'!
Does anyone know if any of the PP guys just happen to be heading to northern Florida this week? TPC is generally treated by Sky in a similar way to the majors that they have the rights to. Bruce
Erik Lugris
May 06 2013 04:23 PM

We will be tweeting from the Players.  Andrew and I will be there Thursday and Friday.

I went to the final round three years go, it's a pretty cool place.
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Erik Lugris
May 07 2013 04:12 AM

Yeah, love the last three holes and the clubhouse :)

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16 and 17 are totally different in real life to how you see them on the television, much more intimate I thought. The sky studio is normally just by the 16th green so is a great place to watch the final action from. Gonna miss it this year as in Cancun with no access to NBC or the golf channel unless I can find it on some Mexican channel but had no luck finding the Wells Fargo. Hopefully the bad weather has passed, it was gorgeous when we were there. Enjoy guys #jealous
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Roy Schellenberg
May 09 2013 03:25 AM

I'm thrilled to hear of the success of Perfect Parallel to date! I was away from online golf sites (MS Links related) more than six months and missed the kickoff. I understand there may be a second chance; I'll keep looking in here.

Congratulations to all involved...I wish you every success going forward.

Erik Lugris
May 11 2013 04:43 AM

"Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity." -George Patton

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May 18 2013 11:06 PM

This is Fantastik  News!!   You guys are on the right track...

and With EA's tigerwoodsonline site shutting down on June 6,  there will  be lots of interest in this site!

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Pleased to hear about your contract with Sky Sports - great news!

Sounds like you guys have got a few courses to knock out then!


I don't want to sound negative .... but I dont think that all the courses that are subjects for the Sky Sport/PP Agreement, eventually "hit the shelves" here in the dowload section for Perfect Golf . I quite confident when I say that PP cant realease for example TPC Sawgrass if they don't get permission from board that owns the IRL course. If they don´t get permission ... they won't release it.. and "someone else" has to do the course and maybe also realease under a name like "The Island Green Course". I just want to point this out so nowone get dissapointed in the end. 


Less "negativly " I say : Congratualtions for the agreement with Sky Sports