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Perfect Broadcast Suite

For Immediate Release
2013 Buffalo New York
Perfect Parallel today announces that it will be launching it's largest most comprehensive golf simulation software module or GSSM to date.
"Courseforge ™ will launch simultaniously with Perfect Broadcast
Suite version 1.0" explains Andrew Jones, Director of Programming
Services at Perfect Parallel. "We listenend to our customers and they
told us what they needed and what they wanted. I believe that Version
1.0 will do just that.
Perfect Broadcast Suite Version 1.0 is a
black box solution for Sports Television Broadcast Networks looking to
take control over their virtual sports envirnoments and leverage their
own content realtime for maximum advertising exposure for their
advertisors and spornsors.
We met with several networks and
they all told us the same thing. We want to use your technology. Can
you build us a Suite of Products for our platform.
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May 05 2013 08:20 AM

Wish all the best for PP. Looking forward to the game !

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David Dunlop
Jun 24 2013 03:51 PM

I would think that the Networks you met were totally blown away not only by the visual aspect of what can be produced nowadays using Unity, but also the complete command of the content allows great flexibility in Years to come. ...well done guys!

Looking forward to the launch of this game.

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