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CourseForge™ in action

Here are Perfect Parallel's CourseForge™ tools in action. In the video below I show you how you will be able to make a great looking golf hole in just a few minutes using the course design tools we have created for 'PerfectGolf' .
Here are Perfect Parallel's CourseForge™ tools in action. In the video below I show you how you will be able to make a great looking golf hole in just a few minutes using the course design tools we have created for 'PerfectGolf' .

Our Kickstarter funding drive is now underway so if you want to be using these tools to create your own golf course please pledge so we can get this show on the road!

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Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow!!!!
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CourseForge looks amazing. Everyone should be able to design extremely realistic courses with this software
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Fantastic, Mike! Thanks for the early look!
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Just curious Mike. What are you doing when you move the cursor off the picture, generally to the right, and then come back with it doing a different task. It seems that the selector icons are at the left side of the screen. Or are there others to the right not visible in the working area? Jerry
Oh Mikey, Thank you so much! That is all I need, a set of tools that allow my artistic eyes side into the course designer. My strength was never in the technical side of making a tree, or making the tecxture let alone seam blending! Yikes! I would let others in colabrolation do that. My job was course layout and design, terrain editing, and giving the course life with subtle elevations. Now I can see myself and other turning out some very nice looking basic courses in much less time than the 100 to 300 hrs other course designers required. JUst watching what you did on this video show me a really nice course could easily be drawn and planted in less that a month and be better than courses we had 300+ hours into. Im compleatly stoked!
Joe Habiger
Jan 07 2013 04:09 AM
Holy .............. I think I am actually speechless, if you can fully import 1 meter Lidar Data without losing hardly any detail or can specify where to lose detail this will be an absolute killer.
The elevation painting reminds me a little of how SimGolf allowed you to elevate. That took a lot of trial and error, but this looks to be pretty straight forward.
Mike, That type of video would also make a very good tutroial. HInt hint.
quade teague
Jan 07 2013 04:49 AM
to quote a line from jurassic park (the crazy s.o.b. did it,he really did it.) unbeliveable!! cant wait for this program.i dont know of any course designer in the last 15 years of computer golf, that wouldent want this program!hope we get it sooner than later.
Absolutly amazing Mike! Finally a course designer that will alow people's artistry to shine through without being bogged down by all the techincal aspects. Provided one has a little time, most should be able to turn out "decent" playable courses.
Stunning!! Anyone can use this and create amazing courses. I can't wait to learn more like how to encorporate water in different ways, textures, and larger libraries.
Simply awesome tool.... I can't wait.
What a lovely way to start a Monday morning- absolutely amazed. If the terrain tool is a simple s it looks- i.e. up and down with automatic smoothing, then this will make for very good options for beginners and for the experts to create some lovely courses. Just cannot wait to get my large mitts on this so I can attempt to realise the number of links courses that I have both in my sketchpad and head that I have never been able to create due to the problems with other course architects/designing programs where you required a PHD in astrophysics just to get a green to have any amount of slope and still be puttable. I am sure that Mike J makes it look very simple due to the fact of him being a ledge but I am hopeful that us mear amateurs might be able to make some playable efforts with some work rather than the 300+ hours to create a donkeytrack!
Wow! I cant believe how good that looks!!!
This looks incredible! I hope it is as easy as it appears to be- maybe all of these links courses that I have in an old sketch book and my head might be able to be realised I love the way the terrain tool blends the elevations in a oner- I might even be able to get puttable greens without them being flat or requiring a Sherpa! One question about the terrain highlighter/torch beem thingy- is it possible to adjust the size it will alter i.e. large circumferance for say general terrain/fairway etc and a small beem/ circumference for green/bunkers etc? Also, can side slopes be made using this as it will make the time and more importantly the technical ability to be reduced and allow a large number of playable layouts? Good stuff and cannot wait to get my mitts on this
Looking good. I want it now!
This video gave me the kickstart that I needed to contribute to your campaign. Having given the APCD a try several times and giving up due to time constraints, I look forward to this becoming available. Thanks.
I doubt I'm as quick as you Mike with the mouse and mind ... but If I could create what you did in the videoclip in lets say 30 minutes ... that's just : WOW !!! Really hope I get the chance
WOW!!! I will start creating courses. Looks so easy.
Jaw dropping cool.
That looks to be one impressive design tool. Basically painting the layout on the terrain and then fine tuning the shape. Awesome. Loved the way the 'mulch' areas under the trees was basically just sprayed on and the 'Course Forge' did the rest. Ones imagination could run wild and see it brought to life with a few clicks of the mouse. I can see this being extremely useful for collaboration courses, where one person lays out the course, another works on the elevations and another does the planting/texturing. You could have your own little production line pumping out courses like there's no tomorrow, lol. Let's just hope the Kickstarter reaches a required pledge level so that this tool can be made available to 'pledgees' to get tinkering.
Simply amazing. Fast, efficient and great looking results. If this doesn't get the Kickstarter "kicking", I don't know what will. Thanks for the impressive demonstration Mike. Will you have anymore little tid-bits for us to druel over in the near future? lol.
John Griffin
Jan 08 2013 01:17 AM
Absolutely amazing. I'm almost in tears at its sheer simplicity after having toiled with APCD and making progress much too slowly. No more manipulation of individual verts to produce finely blended contours in & around greens, the painting tool smooths them in brilliantly! You are going to have a ton of people who can't wait to get their hands on this. I hope this video (and hoping for others like it to follow) will spread like wildfire and light up the Kickstarter activity! Thank you so much for the sneak preview - I am SO fired up to start designing courses with the Forge!
Greg Putnam
Jan 08 2013 05:39 AM
I am really fired up as well about this project. On kicksterter I tried to donate $25, checked that level, typed my name, email, and password, then pressed continue, and it then froze. Never asked for a payment method or anything. What do I do?
After landing on planet reality, its too bad we probably won't get to dabble with this piece of golf architect brilliance until 2014, because at the rate the Kickstarter is going, the $300,000 pledge is but a speck on the horizon. I so want this project to make its pledge and get started, but after taking stock of where we are at, I just don't see the pledge being met, despite the efforts of all the cyber-golfing communities. I sincerely hope I am wrong, but I am becoming more pessimist than optimist as the days roll by.