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First full course finished

Perfect Parallel finally releases  long awaited images to the public of our first full course!  Set in an idyllic Mountain sanctuary, Crystal Pines features, rolling terrain, tricky sloping greens and fantastic views of the nearby snow capped mountains. Comprising of 18 beautifully crafted holes, long drivers will find opportunities if they are accurate off the tee, and accuracy means everything on the challenging par 3's.

Meticulously created trees authentic to the locale have been referenced and built, branch by branch and leaf by leaf.


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I just LOVE Mountain courses. Is this a "real" course or a "fantasy" one? Jerry
Jerry, I believe this course is MJ's Crystal Pines. IIRC, I think that old APCD courses will be able to be imported in to the PP designer and then tweaked ready for the 'new game'. I believe he did this to show off what the PP designer is capable of. I would be curious if this course has been used in the PP simulator, and if so, how it fared?
Makes me want to put a tee in the ground

Stop torturing us with such yumminess! I don't want to see it, I want to be there!

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the gray box looks great!

Something not right somewhere - can't see a thing,also lines of 'warnings' at top of page - able to read writing ok,just no pics

yep same here grey boxes everywhere looks like the overcast skies have hit perfect golf!

Aug 27 2014 12:20 PM

same ol same ol sory couldn't find that